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Internet Buying Advice

The following information should be available on all websites offering their products.

  • Contact telephone number (with hours when it is manned stated)
  • Terms and conditions of contract if purchase is made on the Internet
  • Prices
  • An alert if an assessment is necessary to ensure it is suitable for you and where/how you will use it
  • An alert if regular maintenance /servicing is advisable and whether this is available from the company

When buying over the Internet, the distance selling regulations apply, so you have the legal right to a cancellation period of seven days, which starts from the day you receive the goods; and if you do cancel within that time period, in writing, you are entitled to a full refund without deductions for initial handling and carriage costs.

For new goods you should always receive instructions for safe use and maintenance of the product.

  • When you are buying second-hand, think twice if this information is not available, as you may not be able to use the product safely without it.
  • Are instructions for use provided?
  • Another factor to consider is whether the product can be used, legally, in the UK.
  • If it is a mobility product, is it restricted to the speed limit here?
  • Does it meet the legal requirements for light and so forth?
  • Can you use it on the pavements and in the road? To meet the essential safety requirements set by the EU.
  • Is it legal to use in the UK?

You should be particularly alert to these factors if you are buying a product through a site such as Ebay.

If in doubt, don't buy it! - Take advice